Star Wars' First Spoof Makes an Historic Mention of Lucas' Early Work

My brother just pointed this out to me, after a conversation we had today about the 1978 parody Hardware Wars which, like most of our discussions, arose truly apropos of nothing. The Star Wars sendup makes a subtle nod to George Lucas' earliest work, with a kind of visual Easter egg reference that one would expect… »11/25/13 1:36am11/25/13 1:36am

There Are Good Reasons Against Unretiring Retired Numbers. Here's Mine

This is a pre-emptive warning to my alma mater: Don't you ever fucking put No. 44 on any men's basketball player, for any reason, ever. I'm saying this because I know the thought will cross your mind and some point in the future, but I am ordering you: Do not fucking do this. »9/08/13 10:30am9/08/13 10:30am