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It's been more than three years, I figure the mainstays and the longtime readers of the Kotaku 'Shop Contest deserve some kind of explanation for how I judge things.


Factors in favor of a 'Shop:

1. Is it funny?

2. If not, are there a bunch of commenters who think it's funny?

3. Do I get the joke?

4. If not, are there a bunch of commenters who do?

5. If I don't get the joke, and there aren't a lot of commenters who do, does it look like I would be a total jackass if I admitted that I did not get the joke?


6. Is it by arniejolt, uscg_pa, toolsoldier, HampstaSandwich, sciteach, GiantBoyDetective, Rokeden or Orionsangel/saint?

7. Do we have fewer than 10 finalists?

8. Did I (be honest) give everyone a shitty exploitable or topic this week?

Factors against a 'Shop:

Note: These do not by themselves disqualify any work that passes one or more of the conditions above. These are factors that reduce scoring, like failing to nail a triple-toe-loop in the L'eggs Figure Skating Championships.


1. Is there a lot of text in the 'Shop, or does it require a comment to explain?

2. Does it feature Asshole Dog?

3. Does it feature Bad Dudes?

4. Does it feature me in the bagsuit?

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